Rash On Face Treatment

Rash On Face Treatment

When you have an irritating and itchy rash on your face all you want to do is get some relief. There are many different options available to individuals to treat skin rashes on their face.

If the pain is unbearable and your rash continues to get worse, you should immediately contact your internal medicine doctor or your dermatologist.

Rash-On-Face-TreatmentTry your best not to touch your face with your hands. Your hands are most likely very dirty and can irritate your rash even more. You should use the same caution with clothes and other materials, try to avoid as much contact as possible. Many medical professionals recommend applying treatment with sterile medical instruments or with a cotton swab or q-tip.

Most dermatologist recommend using a topical or oral medication to treat rashes.  Depending on whether or not your rash is viral, bacterial, fungal, or noninfectious will determine what type of medication to use.  Skin care creams are often recommended to soothe the skin and relieve pain.  You should avoid irritating your skin and wash off anything that may be infecting.  Consult your doctor or dermatologist for specific information about the various medications available to treat your rash.

You will want to figure out what kind of rash you have by talking to a doctor or dermatologist. Keep the affected area cool and dry to avoid spreading the rash. Wash your face with cool water and do not use any irritants like soap or shampoo. You can soothe the rash with various topical creams that can be purchased at your local store (Consult the local pharmacist for assistance). Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated while taking any medication or supplements recommended by your doctor.

Below are various home remedies provided by individuals:

  • Apply Aloe Vera to the affected area and let it sit and ease the pain
  • Olive Oil can be applied for some relief
  • Use a combination of oats, water, and honey
  • Rubbing alcohol can be applied to relieve pain and dry up rashes
  • Bag Balm is a product normally used on cow udders which can be used as a salve
  • Glycerin can be used to clear up rashes related to gardening
  • Take Vitamin C and Zinc supplements from your local store to prevent rashes

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