Heat Rash

Heat Rash

The dictionary describes the definition of a rash as an eruption or efflorescence on the skin. This page is dedicated to the concern of individuals that are exhibiting symptoms of these eruptions and efflorescences as it is related to heat rashes. Heat rash symptoms may present in the form of color changes and/or texture changes on the skin of your body. Outbreaks of patchy red areas or bumpy skin in normally smooth locations are also indications of rashes. Heat rash normally comes in the form of a pink or red rash on the torso, arms, and legs. The cause of heat rash is attributed to the blocking of sweat ducts on your body. Heat rash is also known as ‘prickly heat’ and is most commonly found on babies. Heat rash symptoms normally include pain, discomfort, itchiness, and discoloration.

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Heat Rash Pictures

Welcome to our heat rash picture landing page where we at RashResource have compiled various heat rash pictures photos and images from a number of our clients and patients.

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Heat Rash Treatment

When you have an irritating and itchy heat rash all you want to do and all you can think about is getting some relief. There are many different options available to individuals to treat heat rashes on any part of your body for adults and children. Usually a heat rash will go away by itself as long as the patient keeps the affected area cool and dry. Use any utilities and appliances available to you including fans, air conditioning units, showers and baths to keep your body cool. If you take a cold shower or bath, do not dry yourself off with a towel. Instead you should let the affected area air dry.

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