Heat Rash Treatment

Heat Rash Treatment

When you have an irritating and itchy heat rash all you want to do and all you can think about is getting some relief. There are many different options available to individuals to treat heat rashes on any part of your body for adults and children. Usually a heat rash will go away by itself as long as the patient keeps the affected area cool and dry. Use any utilities and appliances available to you including fans, air conditioning units, showers and baths to keep your body cool. If you take a cold shower or bath, do not dry yourself off with a towel. Instead you should let the affected area air dry.

If the pain is unbearable and your heat rash continues to get worse in color, texture, or pain, you should immediately contact your internal medicine doctor or your dermatologist to seek medical attention.

Heat-Rash-TreatmentTry your best not to touch your heat rash affected skin area with your hands. Your hands are most likely very dirty and can irritate your rash even more. Keep the area cool and dry. You should use the same caution with clothes and other materials, try to avoid as touching the area and avoid any contact of any kind. Many medical professionals recommend applying treatment with sterile medical instruments or with a cotton swab or q-tip.

Most dermatologist recommend using a topical or oral medication to treat rashes.  Skin care creams are often recommended to soothe the skin and relieve pain.  You should avoid irritating your skin and wash off anything that may be infecting. Consult your doctor or dermatologist for specific information about the various medications available to treat your heat rash.

Keep the affected area cool and dry to avoid spreading the rash. Remove any clothing or fabrics from the affected area and stay in a cool shaded area. It is ideal if you can stay in an air conditioned room that is available and nearby. Wash your heat rash with cool water and do not use any irritants like soap or shampoo. After washing do not use any fabrics or towels to dry the area. Let the affected area air dry. You can soothe the rash with various topical creams that can be purchased at your local store (Consult the local pharmacist for assistance). Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated while taking any medication or supplements recommended by your doctor to treat your heat rash.

How to Cure Heat Rash

Below are various preventative measures provided by individuals:

  • Cold showers (air-dry)
  • Cold baths (air-dry)
  • Cold breezes provided by fans or air conditioning appliances
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Cool down bedrooms and other sleeping areas with air conditioning
  • Take Vitamin C and Zinc supplements from your local store to prevent rashes
  • Avoid strenuous sweat inducing activities during hot days
  • Keep sweat glands free and open and clear of any blocking from clothing
  • Stay cool and dry

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