Armpit Rash Treatment

Armpit Rash Treatment

A wide array of various sources underlie the appearance or eruption of armpit rash. Subsequently, an equally broad range of treatments exist to deal with this type of issue. In some cases, people who know that they are prone to armpit rash because of related underlying more serious conditions can even take preventative measures to try and prevent armpit rash from happening in the first place.

Some of these potentially preventative measures include wearing clothing that allows the armpit area to “breathe” or to have sufficient air flow and circulation. In addition, this approach keeps the armpit area from chafing because of tight clothing. Chafing could be another potential source of armpit rash, so this measure also serves to prevent breakouts of armpit rash. If a person is aware that he/she possesses an allergy to a certain type of substance, the individual should also take steps to avoid exposure to that substance. These types of allergies could include latex, as well as chemical substances found in certain skin creams and/or deodorants. People can also try to make sure that their laundry detergent is non-allergenic, or they can use organic or natural ingredient-based detergents as a strategy for avoiding this type of potential allergen. Along similar lines, people could use non-allergenic or chemical-free soaps or cleansers as a means of trying to avoid armpit rash in the first place.

armpit-rash-treatmentIf a person experiences armpit rash that result from infection of or ingrown hair follicles, a female or swimmer could stop shaving beneath her or his arms to see if this type of approach could improve conditions. A person could also use potassium alum as a means of attempting to avoid the growth of bacteria in the underarms. As bacterial infections are a common cause of armpit rash, this step sometimes proves very effective. Lemon juice can also serve as a combatant to the conditions which frequently lead to armpit rash. Citric acid can shift the accumulation of sweat that can lead to armpit rash. If a person utilizes rubbing alcohol as a means of reducing the accumulation of sweat, this approach can also help prevent an outbreak. In addition, wearing clothing made from natural fibers can help people experience less frequent allergic reactions that could prompt armpit rash oubreaks.

Making sure to maintain really strong and good armpit hygiene practices can also prove beneficial as a preventative measure to avoid armpit rash. Making sure to wash this area thoroughly on a daily basis can help avoid the accumulation of sweat and the toxins it can be related to. Good hygiene is also one of the basic fundamental methods for avoiding exposure to substances like ringworm or fungal infections.

If an armpit rash does occur, there are several measures that a person can take to try and alleviate or reduce the intensity of the symptoms. A person could use baking soda mixed with water to try and alleviate any itchiness. This could also help prevent the accumulation of sweat that can impact the hair follicles and decrease the chances that a person would develop a bacterial infection. A person can also say very hydrated by consuming lots of fluids and water to try and flush out any infections which may  be causing the rash. Drinking antioxidants like tea can also prove helpful for their immune boosting properties.

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As with other types of rashes, the application of a cream designed to help or reduce symptoms of armpit rash can also prove beneficial. Antifungal cream can be very effective in this regard, as can antibacterial cream. Gaining exposure to antihistamines, either taken orally or applied externally, can also serve to reduce the swelling and redness that commonly occurs in armpit rash.  Hydrocortisone cream can also prove very beneficial for reducing the symptoms. Calamine or anti-itch lotion are especially effective in terms of this type of approach. Benadryl is also a frequently purchased product to help with armpit rash.

Taking an oatmeal bath can also help to reduce itchiness and swelling, as can applying a hot compress to the underarm to try and help with the discomfort. Natural treatments like aloe vera, or other substances rich in Vitamin E could also help alleviate the symptoms and their effects.

The type of treatment used is also related to the source of the armpit rash. If a person has ringworm, specific measures should be taken not only to treat the condition but also to prevent its spread. If a person has a more chronic problem like psoriasis or eczema, that person should remain under the supervised care of a physician or dermatologist. In all cases of armpit rash, a person should be certain to contact a physician or dermatologist to have well-informed and professional treatment.