Armpit Rash Symptoms

Armpit Rash Symptoms

In general, armpit rash is a redness or inflammation of the skin which is located underneath the arms, in a person’s arm pits. Frequently, small or larger red bumps can appear in this area. The sources of these rashes can be somewhat wide ranging. In some cases, a rash can be caused by an ingrown hair underneath the armpit. The general layout of the skin in the armpit can also cause issues, particularly because so many sweat glands are located in this compacted area. Possible symptoms can range from small or larger reddish bumps, larger patches of brownish, reddish, or even blackish skin. Many of the bumps which appear can be painful and swollen to the touch; they might also feel warm. Sometimes they contain pus because of infected ducts and/or glands. Other rashes include scaly or dry areas, and these can arise from temporary or more long-term conditions. A variety of the most common rashes is listed here for your information.

Sometimes a large red bump can appear, and it can be painful to the touch. This type of condition could be an infection accompanied by pus accumulated underneath the skin. It is called an abscess. This type of rash can be characterized by warmth and swelling, and it can occur in simultaneity with a fever over a period of a couple of weeks.

Other types of rashes can involve patches of thick and darkened skin. This condition is called acanthosis nigricans, and could be indicative of or occur in simultaneity with more extreme or ongoing medical conditions. Anyone with this symptom should definitely contact a physician immediately.

Another common rash occurs because the armpit skin has been exposed to an allergen, and contact dermatitis could have occurred. In this type of rash, a considerable redness could be present, along with raised and swollen areas. Allergens like the substances in skin creams and deodorants could be the culprits underlying this type of rash.

armpit-rash-pictures-symptomsIf a person observes a reddish raised mound beneath the armpit, that individual might have a boil, or an accumulation of pus beneath the skin because a hair follicle has been infected. Frequently, these types of infections are related to bacteria.

One other type of armpit rash is marked by a largish patch of brownish or reddish skin which feels dry to the touch. This condition, erythrasma, appears because of the root cause of a bacterial infection, and is predominant for persons in humid climates. This condition could also be related to a more serious underlying condition, and a physician should be consulted quickly.

Yet another type of common armpit rash was hiradentitis suppurativa; this condition leads to sweat glands which are frequently backed up. Bacterial infections can arise frequently because of this other condition, and the sweat gland ducts can become enlarged or sometimes filled with pus. The symptoms of this condition include raised reddish bumps and blackish areas. It can lead to scarring.

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If a rash involves reddish patches that appear similar to scratch marks, the underlying condition could be intertrigo. This type of condition is related to irritants in locations on the body where the skin is folded, and has been linked to bacterial infections.

One more chronic condition is psoriasis: this condition is related to an immune system dysfunction, and is characterized by white and scaly patches on the skin. Another more serious condition is eczema, which is more long-term, and has been associated with an ongoing infection.

This description of various symptoms demonstrates how wide and varied the underlying causes of armpit rash can be. The various types of symptoms prove rather contrastive from one another, depending on the underlying cause of the rash. Some persons with other serious medical conditions are more susceptible to some types of armpit rash conditions. Some people living in particular climates or regions might also be more prone to experiencing certain types of skin issues, especially under the arms.

Bacterial infections are especially common causes of armpit rash because of how the skin contains folds in this area, and also in relation to the amount of sweat glands located here. The close proximity of hair follicles coupled with the sweat can also lead to an increase of this source of armpit rash occurrences.

A doctor or dermatologist should be consulted in all cases of armpit rash.